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Posted by hj on December 23, 19100 at 14:16:01:
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Two things are critcal to the diverter. First the plastic ring above the diverter stem is what shuts off the water to the shower, so it must be in place and not split. Second, the lower part of the valve has to seat inside the valve at the same time the bonnet seals to the valve body. If the wrong thickness gasket is used, or two washers are used unintentionally, the valve will not screw into the body far enough to make the lower gasket seal to the faucet body and water will bypass through it to the shower.
: I'm am trying to repair a 1960's Price Pfister shower diverter. Before it went bad, I could select either shower or faucet, and the water would only come out the selected outlet. After replacing all of the washers and "wear-able" pieces, I cannot get the same results. When putting the diverter in the shower position, I get combined shower and faucet. I have made two attempts, with the same results.
: Any suggestions?
: What I could really use is an exploded view of the diverter and all of the internal components. I believe there is something I am missing.

: Steve

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