Re: gas water heater (hot water side corrosion)
Posted by Bud..Suncoast Plumbing on December 23, 19100 at 11:55:24:
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Wiley: This is a common problem on hot water recirculation systems if the pump is causing excessive velocity of flow within the piping.
Water softeners can sometimes be at falt. The water as it emerges from the resin bed of the softener can be pretty can excelerate decomposition of the anode in the water heater, this will result in early failure of the heater; and then it will start work on the hot water piping.
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Could you give info on what would cause corrosion to
: occur inside the copper piping going from the heater
: to outlets around the house. I found that the heater
: had a leak and when removing the old heater the line
: for the hot water is super thin.

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