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Posted by david on December 22, 19100 at 10:56:11:
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sounds like you live in this area. Would copper be best for a replumb in light of how corrosive our water is? Also, how to determine the 'best' plumber for a job?

: They cannot make you replumb, but they can refuse to cover any damage caused by a broken PB pipe. I always use copper tubing for my repipes in Phoenix, but the class action people use CPVC, and a lot of plumbers like PEX, so you can make your own choice.

: : Dear Terry,
: : We purchased our house in Tucson in 1992. It was built in 1985, single story slab, frame & stucco ~1800 sq. ft, 2 bath, kitchen w/ disp, dishwasher, line to refridge ice maker, washer hook ups. No pool. the house is plumbed w/polybutylene and we've had 2 leaks: one inside in 1996 and one in yard supply line in 2000. We found out too late about the polybutylene pipe class action suits to qualify for relief (we applied and were rejected). Our homeowner's insurance (USAA) has informed us that if we dont replace the polybutylene pipe (they've given us till 1/2002) they will have to re-evaluate the insurability of the house.
: : The yard service leak we had fixed by rerouting the service with copper. the inside leak was fixed by replacing the leaking fitting with a pressure fitting. I have 2 basic questions:
: : 1) Can the insurance company require us to replumb; or perhaps more importantly, is there any recourse?
: : 2) what would be a reasonable ballpark figure for a replumb if a plumber did it? Since I am consdering doing it myself, in stages, what type of replacement pipe would you recommend, since our water here is considered pretty harsh?
: : Any suggestions are appreciated
: : Thanks,
: : David

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