Re: Electric Hot Water Problems
Posted by hj on December 21, 19100 at 00:04:43:
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You should have a plumber check the water heater. He should check both thermostats and both elements for proper operation. Normally, the upper thermostat's reset button should trip before the relief valve opens, so you may have more than one problem.

: I have an electric hot water heater, and I have a problem.
: It seems that it heats up the water and then blows it off the relief valve once it gets hot.
: Is this a problem with the relief valve or is it my thermostat or element?
: I checked the temperature of the thermostats and they are not turned up very high, well at least It did not seem so.
: How do I check my thermostats and elements to see if they are working properly?
: I am comfortable trying this myself, any helpful hints/tips would be greatly appreciated.
: Thanks

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