1.6 gal toilets
Posted by Joe on December 20, 19100 at 15:22:54:
Please excuse me if I'm repeating myself, because I tried to send a message once, but I don't think it went through. We have a 1.6 gal 2-pc gravity-fed Memoirs RF toilet by Koehler that is about 1 yr-old. Periodically, we have to plunge clogs, which is very messy! We replaced the rubber flap, so it now flushes with twice as much water, but it still doesn't help much.It is supposed to be the best standard on the market with a 2" trapway, and 100% glazed. Koehler has just authorized a full refund. What do we do next? Would a pressure-assist toilet work better? Would an elongated toilet be better yet? Our tub and sink are also biscuit by Koehler. If we buy a different brand, would we match colors? Thanks for any help you can offer. Your site is the only one we could find, and your answer is very important to us before we make another mistake!

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