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Broderick: Your story has indeed brought new meaning to the terms "Customer Satisfaction" and
"Quality Control"
There is a second moral to your tale of woe that I have taken the liberty of adding.
Moral #2
Never invite 30 folks to dinner if you have a untrustworty loo!

Mission: June 2000 - purchase and install one new toilet.
: Hurdle one: misquoted on price for American Standard Ellisse, not $587 Canadian as quoted but $1100
: Hurdle two: find something reasonable in 13L flush. Picked American Standard Cadet 3.
: Hurdle three: tank lid improperly finished, leaving exposed under surface as dimple in top. Replaced by retailer.
: Hurdle four: toilet would not clear bowl. Discovered improper trap glazing prevented solids from moving through trap. Contact manufacturer who sent new bowl.
: Hurdle five: replacement bowl same as first received. Would not clear due to improper glazing.
: Hurdle six: bowl number three to be factory tested before delivery to us. Better than one and two but still incomplete glazing prevented complete clearing every flush. Failed to clear approximately one in ten flushes.
: Hurdle seven: customer service decided to send an upgrade, Hamilton one piece as compensation for our troubles. Flushed beautifully. However, water leaked slowly from bowl to below siphon hole which would then allow gases and sewer smells to exit into bath. Called a sand hole by the plumber.
: Hurdle eight: December 19, 2000- Every call to Customer Service required a complete repeat of the problems experienced. However, this call was handled by a representative with poor public relations training, insinuating we were at fault for having so much "product" out. All the "product" currently being stored in our carport was trash as one of the previous reps told us to dispose of them any way we could. This poor customer service person also indicated that they could not guarantee deliver before Christmas, 4 days from this conversation and a day that would see us hosting dinner for 30 people. We also learned that one series of their sinks were also experiencing quality problems, the overflow being unattached to anything.
: Moral: Learn from our experience and avoid American Standard products. Since moving production to Mexico, their quality is deplorable and not worth the cost.

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