Re: Problem with Kohler Welworth Lite Toilet Flappers
Posted by Scott Bryan on December 19, 19100 at 10:22:06:
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: I'm having problems with the Kohler Welworth Lite Toilet Flappers. I have installed many of these toilets in my apartment buildings and have had problems with many of the flappers. The rubber sealet is made from a compound that is not suited for this application. After a month or so the rubber tends to stick to the plastic below and in some cases breaks apart, also, occationaly sticks so hard to the bottom ring that tenents break the flush handle because the rubber does not release. The rubber can also warp so much that in many occations I'm getting major leaks underneath the seal. I used to have a lot of respect for Kohler products but after using these toilets and incountering all these problems, I'm beggining to change my mind. I wonder if the engineer who designed this rubber seal- did any long term testing for the intended use of the rubber. A simple change from this rubber to silicon would save a lot of the customers hours of headache.

Kohler has stopped using the plastic "certin seal" flapper and have gone to an all rubber replacement that has been working very well. The Kohler part # is 85160

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