Re: Odor in New Bathroom Sinks!
Posted by Jan de Groot on December 19, 19100 at 01:05:48:
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: One year ago, we finally replaced the original pair of sinks in the master bathroom of our recently acquired 20 year old home with Home Depot�s best selling Lamosa ceramic lavatory manufactured by Sanitarios Azteca from Mexico. With the new sinks, we replaced the original 1-1/4" traps with 1-1/2" fittings and have enjoyed much more efficient drainage of both sinks than what the original builder had installed. We did not alter any of the original plumbing after the traps.

: We are now experiencing what appears to be �sewer gas� out of both of our new sinks. I have checked the traps, which both contain water, and are unobstructed. I have checked the vent and the drain lines for any obstacles that may be causing the symptoms. All appear to be fine.

: We have lived in this house for three years, with the original fixtures, 1-1/4" traps and never experienced these odors before. Now with the new fixtures in place, we have to flush warm water with household bleach through both sinks and their respective overflows to eliminate the odors, which inevitably will return in a few weeks of what we believe is buildup inside the sink.

: Has anyone compared the functionality of bathroom lavatories between different manufacturers such as Kohler, American Standard, and the Lamosa Sanitarios product offerings?

: We have exhausted all measures, short of replacing the sinks with Kohler Products, which was our original first choice, but cost twice as much as the Lamosa fixtures. Have you experienced a situation such as ours? Help?!

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