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Posted by hj on December 16, 19100 at 14:24:48:
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It must connect to the bottom it is a convection system without a pump. If it has a pump, then it can connect either to the bottom or the cold water inlet to the water heater. The check valve is essential, otherwise cool/cold water will travel through it to the faucets, instead of the hot water in the regular piping. And if it is a convection system, then the piping arrangement is very critical. The pipes must always flow downhill to the tank. If there is a drop and then a rise to make a connection, the return system will stop operating.
: I just installed a hot water heater (gas). There was a line (1/2")coming off the bottom of the tank with a check valve, it appeared to be a return line. Does the line have to come off the bottom? And was that only a check valve, since I hooked the line up without a check valve and our hot water takes forever. Thanks

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