Help - Iam new at this
Posted by Bryan on December 15, 19100 at 12:56:57:
Just moved into my first house, so not to familiar with toilet repairs. I have three bathrooms, I took the tanks off in two of the bathrooms to paint and when I put them back on water leaks out of the screws connecting the tanks to the bowls. I replaced the screws and gaskets that connect the tank to bowl and they still leaks. Should I use plummers putty to get a better seal? Also, on one of them, the water leaks from the tank into the bowl constantly, should I replace the flush valve as well and should I use plummers putty to seal that off? And then, on the third toilet, the only new one in the house, the installer didn't get the tank on level. It is not touching the bowl and is very loose and wobbly even wit hthe screws as tight as they go. Should I get a smaller tank to bowl gasket so the tank dosen't rest on that and sits on the bowl? Any help is greatly appreciated!!!!!

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