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Posted by Hank on December 15, 19100 at 12:01:00:
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: Two part question here:

: 1) Do you know what is the shortest toilet available?
: We have a very small powder room and as far as I can tell,
: the current toilet is about 26" from front to back. It is
: an old house (but not old toilet) with about a 13" or 14"
: rough in ...

We are facing the same question. The answers we have are expensive:

This would work:
DuraVit makes toilets where the tank is installed INSIDE the wall -- six-inch stud depth. The toilets are either cantilevered out from the wall, or floor mounted. That, um, 'puts your back to the wall' -- the flush is triggered by pressing a button on the wall. These are real tanks -- reservoirs -- not the office type that supply water directly from the plumbing. Cost over $1000 plus labor plus redoing stack.

This would work:
Victorian-type installation where the tank is well above the toilet, high on the wall. Cost over $1000 plus labor, not redoing stack.

This MIGHT work:
Eljer makes a triangular toilet (~$300)-- but
What we DON'T KNOW YET: the code here says there has to be "fifteen inches on either side" and "twenty-four inches in front" of the toilet.

If we put in the Eljer triangular, in the corner, we would meet those requirements, measured out straight in front and straight to the sides, from the rough-in hole. BUT, we don't yet know if this set of measurements also assumes it's claiming a rectangular piece of floor.

= |
= |
this is the bathtub = |
= |
= =============================|
this is the available floorspace |
\ | |
\ | |
24" 20" |
\ | |
toilet |
15" / |
Eljer triangular would fit IF measurement is
24" along the long axis of the bowl, free space,
but --- anyone know how it's calculated? Is
this up to the individual inspector?

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