Wonderboard installation around a shower pan
Posted by Dave on December 15, 19100 at 02:01:06:
I am redoing my shower stall with Wonderboard (WB) as a foundation for ceramic tile. I want the ceramic tile to extend to the floor of the shower pan. The shower pan has a 1 and 1/2 inch vertical flange that is 3/16 inch thick around the perimeter of the pan. Question 1: Should the WB, which is 1/2 inch thick,overlap the vertical flange of the shower pan? If so, do I need to attach 3/16" thick firring strips to the wall studs so that the WB can transition smoothly over the thicknes of the vertical flange? Question 2: Or, should the WB extend down only to the top of the vertical flange and not overlap it? If so, can I fill the 5/16" deep depression that exists in the 1 and 1/2 inches between the bottom of the WB and the floor of the shower pan with mastic tile adhesive (or thin-set mortar) in order to create a flush, solid vertical surface on which to mount the bottom row of ceramic tiles? Thanks.

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