Smallest toilet available/wall water proofing.
Posted by Mike K on December 14, 19100 at 11:57:12:
Two part question here:

1) Do you know what is the shortest toilet available?
We have a very small powder room and as far as I can tell,
the current toilet is about 26" from front to back. It is
an old house (but not old toilet) with about a 13" or 14"
rough in so we lose an inch there. I saw a couple of one-
piece toilets that are about 25.5" deep, but of course
everything is 12" rough in. I'm trying to avoid re-
plumbing for the rough in.

2) The other bathroom in the house has tiling all around
up to about shoulder height. This includes around the
shower/tub area. It's a painted plaster wall above that
point, which we try to keep as dry as possible. I don't
want to take out the existing tiling (it's in good shape
and period) and I would like to make the area above the
tiling in the shower/bath area more water proof. Is there
a coating that can be used under paint to water-proof
it? Also, it's Lathe and Plaster (not wallboard) so
I'm kinda concerned about this area.

Thanks for your help.

Mike K

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