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How unbiased do you want the person to be. The last "blue service pipe" I had a problem with, I had the customer call the claims group and after talking to the agent for a while got his entry made. Since I did not try to replace it for him, not did I try to make a costly and probably ineffective repair, the claims person asked him, "Where did you find an honest plumber?" My advice to people is as follows.

If you have it, and you are within the parameters for having it replaced, call and have it replaced. If you are outside the parameters, then live with it until you have a problem and then replace it. Once one person in a neighborhood has a problem, there is a good chance that the others will also within a short time. I have had 5 or more bad pipes in a given neighborhood within a matter of a couple of weeks. Changing to metal fittings was the first fix that was being made, but the pipe itself also splits, especially where it makes a bend, even if the bend is a very long radius one. Even if only 10% have a problem, which I doubt, you do not know whether you are in the 10% or the 90%, and after 12 years it is too late to find out.
and it has very little to do with the installer, since the securing clamps are the only items that the installer has control over and they never are the problem.

: I am looking for info on Polybutylene piping. I have
: looked at all the websites I can find, and can get no
: real details or facts. Some say it's as good as the
: person who put it in, some say it's okay with metal
: fittings, some say it's the blue pipe that's really
: bad, and some say it's all horrible. I am looking for
: better info, and not from plumbers who want to fix it,
: or lawyers who want to sue. I have heard that really
: only about 10% have troubles. Did anybody actually
: test the piping. Does anyone have more info good or bad??? I am looking for non-biased opinions.... got any??

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