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Posted by Terry Love on December 11, 19100 at 12:10:16:
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The downstairs bath and or toilet should have it's own vent. When the plumbing fixtures "dump" up stairs, it can pull water from the traps below. Terry

: I am going to install a half bath on the ground level of my split level house. I would like to know if the toilet which will be 3 feet from the soil stack will require a separate vent based on the following information. I have two baths on the floor above. In one bath (sink, toilet, shower) all fixtures have there own 2" vent which tie together and exit the roof, the drains go to the main soil stack. In the second bath (sink, toilet, tub) the sink has a vent which ties into the main stack above all drain lines. The tub (1 foot from the stack and highest drain) and toilet (3 feet from the stack and second highest drain) tie in with no separate vents. The new toilet will be the lowest drain on the stack with no separate vent (is this what is called a wet vent?). The new sink will have a separate vent tying into the vent of a slop sink in the basement, which connects to the main stack in the attic. I hope this makes sense. John

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