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Posted by Jody Nickerson on December 10, 19100 at 09:46:49:
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Yes, you are absolutel right. Both wires would have to be positive wouldn't because it's just one straight current regulated by a temperature sensitive on/off switch (thermostat). I appreciate your follow up on my question. I kind of thot that it might over load so i didn't put the two wires together. What i ended up doing was disconnecting the upper element altogether and routing the bottom element to where the top one was connected. I got hot water anyway.
You mentioned that you do not think I have finished checking the heater out for proper operation. Hmmmm....what more can I do? I know that neither of the elements are burned out. I also know that the bottom themostat functions. So that leads me to the top thermostat. When I connect the bottom thermostat and element to the top elements themostat connections (with the top element disconnected) it heats up. When I connect it to where it "should" be connected it doesn't heat up. The problem has got to be that particular post on the top thermostat because both the top element and the bottom themostat and it's element work fine when tested on the other post. What more could I look for? It's a very simple piece of technology. One in which there is only a couple places to look for problems.

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