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Posted by hj on December 10, 19100 at 08:30:35:
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The first thing to do is get rid of the tee and install a combination y-1/8 bend. Then while doing that move the whole cleanout closer to the house. Or, do it the correct way and install two cleanouts and then you can move it closer or further from the house. Do not offset the riser, since that will make future rodding difficult, and if you keep the tee, impossible.

: My front sewer line cleanout is located about 4.5 feet from the front of my house. The cleanout is 4 inch ABS pipe and it T's into 4 inch ABS sewer line about 2.5 feet underground. The ABS sewer line is connected to 4 inch cast iron pipe about 3.5 feet from the house via rubber connector. The problem is the cleanout is located in a high traffic area of the yard and it's where I want to install a paving stone deck. What options do I have in moving the cleanout closer to the house? Could I install an elbow joint and angle the cleanout towards the house?

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