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Posted by hj on December 09, 19100 at 23:14:20:
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No, since that will overload the electrical circuit and the thermostat. The lower element does not operate until the upper one has finished heating the top of the tank. Then the circuit switches to the bottom element. I do not think you have finished checking the heater out for proper operation.

: My water heater was running out of hot water real fast. After making a few tests I realized the bottom element was not working. I went out and bought a new element but after installing it still didn't work. The upper thermostat has two positive electrical posts, one that the top thermostat is connected to (the one on the left) and the other is where the bottom thermostat is connected to (one on the right side). I traced the problem to the positive electrical post that the bottom element is connected to. It will not send a charge to the element. It is the weekend and there are no stores open. Until I can replace the upper thermostat, is it safe to connect the bottom element's positive wire to the same post that the top element's postive wire is connected to?

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