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Posted by Akmed on December 09, 19100 at 20:18:45:
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Mssr Leon: The anode is placed inside your water
heater to prolong the tanks life from failure due to corrosion. The anode is consumed by the DC voltage that fuels the corrosion process. In the destruction of the anode, the Magnesium in the anode is reduced to Magnesium Oxide, and Hydrogen Gas. The Hydrogen gas evolved is quick to form a bond with other atoms present in the water. If there is a supply of Sulfur present in the water,
it will form Hydrogen Sullfide Gas (pretty stinky stuff..odor of rotten eggs). If there is any Chlorine in the water, the Hydrogen will bond with it to form Hydrochloric Gas or HydroChloric Acid.
If you are on a Chlorinated water supply, you
can get rid of this odor and discolored water that
generally accopanies it by simply letting the cold water run briskly for 5 minutes or so from the cold water side of the bathtub valve.

I just found this site, have stinking hot water, after asking ?s, and reading feed back here, I think it is the annode rod. OK, what does this rod do. Thanks Leon

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