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Posted by hj on December 09, 19100 at 14:32:58:
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Is it necessary? Yes, positively, absolutely, no question about it. It is the only protection you have in the event of a crack in the tiles, which will always happen. It may be that the tile setter is going to install it which is the usual case, which is why it is not in place yet. But if they are going to tile without installing one, then find a contractor who knows what he is doing.

: : My preference is to have it installed between the cement board and the wall studs, but many tile contractors install it between the cement board and the tile. In that position, it protects against leaks where the wall and floor meet, but does not do as good a job with leaks between the wall tiles. However, tile installer told me, this week, that there is an epoxy caulk that they can use to seal the top of the liner to the cement board and gives as good a seal as if it were behind the cement board.

: : : I'm having a bathroom built on the second story of my home. The shower stall is custom and built by a
: : : contractor. My brother also is a contractor and told me that we need pvc under the cement board on the floor
: : : and covering the bench seat before we can pour the cement for the floor. Before I address this with the
: : : contractor we have hired I would like some advice before he pours the floor. The cement board is screwed
: : : in but not glued so there is still time to correct it if needed. The entire shower will be tiled including the ceiling.
: Is it necessary to have the pvc liner installed? Since the contractor already has the
: board in I hate to see him pull it out. If it is necessary I want it done the correct way.

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