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Posted by Joe Colburn on December 08, 19100 at 21:01:54:
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: Three 3yrs. ago I was the proud owner of a 2nd floor condominium. Today, I am an unhappy homeowner of that same condo because I am constantly bothered by the pipes in my ceiling and walls that seem to make loud knocking sounds whenever my neighors living above me o use their bathroom (shower, toilet or sink). For the past year, I have been praying to get a good nights sleep ( just once). I'm told that there is nothing I can do..... apparently when water is introduced into the pipes they are expanding and a LOUD banging sound is the result. I refuse to believe there is not that can be done...... Do you have any advise or know what is causing this to happen ? Please help!

:There is always things that can be done it is the cost that is the issue. The problem you are describing is probably the hotwater pipes expanding when the hotwater replaces the cold in the pipe. The only thing that can be done is cut holes in the ceiling where the noise is and shorten the pipe where it is hitting and loosen the clamps holding it to the joists or enlarge the holes that the pipe passes through in the joists. The rubbing of the pipes in the joist holes will also cause this noise. Like I said in the beginnning is this will not be a cheap job to do.
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