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Posted by Joe Colburn on December 08, 19100 at 20:52:33:
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: Furnace about 30 years old, When the furnace comes on, you can hear about a 2 second delay, between when the oil pump starts and it ignites. you can smell a nasty puff of heating oil through out the house. Have replaced the nozzle, and reset the electrodes, but that didn't help. would replacing the electrodes help this problem. Thanks Terry

You cold have a number of problems. Here a few things to check. You said that you reset the electrodes? Did you set them correctly? You changed the nozzle is it the correct angle and size? Take the nozzle line off of the draw tube assembly and put it in catch can.Wrap the handle of a well insulated screw driver. Start the burner and put the screwdriver across the transformer electrodes. Slowly pull the screwdriver away from one of the transformer electrodes. The arcing should be very strong,blue, and pull at least 1/2 to 3/4 of the distance between the two electrodes. If this doesn't happen then the transformer needs to be replaced. If the air mixture adjustment is too lean the unit may light hard also. If you are the homeowner and really have no experience in oil burner repair then you should have a pro repair. Oil burners can be very dangerous.

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