Back-pitched shower drain
Posted by Neal W. Miller on December 06, 19100 at 23:22:42:
Part of this scenario was described in an earlier posting, so I'll summarize...

The shower drain started making glug-glug noises after each shower, and we ignored it. After a few weeks, the shower started slow-draining, and then stopped draining entirely. A plumber attempted to clean the vent leading into the shower drain, and this fixed the problem for about two weeks. After two weeks, the noises started again, although it hasn't started clogging (yet).

Since the work was under warranty, the plumber returned, and after a thorough inspection, told us that the shower plumbing (which is newer than the rest of the house) was installed improperly, and as a result, the drain pipe is "back-pitched." I believe this means that the pipe is angled upwards, causing flow problems.

He tells me that the only solution requires ripping up most of the bathroom, and replacing it again afterwards. Despite the fact that the rooms below the bathroom are a half-bath and a laundry room, he tells me that going up through the ceiling isn't an option.

Needless to say, insurance won't cover a dime. Am I as far up a creek without a paddle as I suspect? Do I have any real options?


- Neal

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