Re: Toilet water coming in to my tub
Posted by More on December 06, 19100 at 19:27:05:
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Call a plumber. The 1 1/2 inch tub drain is on a higher elevation than the 4 inch toilet drain. When you flush the toilet, the water normally rushes quickly down the sewer, past the area where the tub drain is connected to the soil line. There is an obstruction downstream and the water can't escape, so it falls out of the higher elevation toilet bowl and drains into the lower elevation tub at a gravity flow. Call a LICENSED plumber to rotosnake the line for you before Christmas.

: When if lush my toilet. It seem that the water from the toilet goes to the bath tub. I ahve used drain cleaners to see if that would help. Could anyone point me in the direction to fixing this,or should I just call a plumer

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