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Posted by More on December 06, 19100 at 19:07:23:
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Your washing machine is putting a new drive belt on its Christmas wish list.When you wash the first load the belt is cold and contracted. During the cycles the belt warms up and expands just enough to spin on the pulleys when theres lots of drag in the spin cycle. You might be able to add tension on the old belt, but the time and effort you apply to a repair is less intelligently spent than the time to replace the old belt with a new one.

: Our washing machine has a strange problem. If you wash a load, it spins and drains properly, but if you wash a second load shortly thereafter, it doesn't (ie the clothese are wet).

: If you then wait awhile, it works properly again. But running it more than once always leads to this problem.

: Any idea? thanks...

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