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Posted by hj on December 06, 19100 at 08:31:55:
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It depends on what kind of line it is. If it is a private pipe, for example, then you only need the clearance you are comfortable with, if any. A municipal pipe would usually require an easement sufficient to get a truck and/or equipment to the pipe. WHere there are woods, there are roots. And where there are roots, you can have a multitude of problems if they are not dealt with at the beginning. Roots can penetrate, displace, or crush pipes depending on the material and joining method. In an area such as that, I would use metal pipes with secure joints, such as ductile iron water main with rubber gaskets. Copper would also be good since it would repel the roots, but might have a shorter lifetime.
: I'm a college student working on a project that involves an area that contains old lines that need replacing.
: Is there an average estimate of the amount of clearance needed on each side of the pipe for machinery and workers?
: Also, this area is densely wooded - what other problems and space needs could that present?
: Thanks!

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