Strange Phenomenon, Porcelain Sink
Posted by Martin on December 05, 19100 at 03:09:09:
I've encountered a strange phenomenon that I'm hoping someone can shed some light on...

Last week I was sitting at my computer waiting for the bath to fill when I heard a cracking and popping issuing forth from the bathroom. What I observed was my sink cracking off shards of porcelain! All around the outer, top edge, cracks were forming and pieces were popping off! I've never encountered anything like it.

The building I live in was built in the mid-20's and while I don't expect that the sink was that old, it's not new. A two piece, pedestal type, the sink bowl appears to be cast iron and rests on the pedestal.

Have any of you encountered anything like this? The only explaination I can come up with is the combination of a chilly night Vs the warming of the air from a filling tub. Is that possible?

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