Bathtub drain unsnakable
Posted by Chris Zito on December 04, 19100 at 21:25:28:
My bathtub has always drained extremely slowly from day 1 (new construction). It takes about 2-3 hours to drain. I've used gallons of liquid plumber. No luck.
The builder refuses to fix the problem, saying that it will normally drain slowly due to the total length of drain pipe. A shower adjacent to the bath drains just fine, however, even when I dump a 5-gallon bucket of water into it (11 seconds to drain).
I hired a master plumber to look at it. He used his power auger, but the auger tip would simply come out the opposite drain, no matter which one was used. He thinks that the p-trap may have been installed backwards. He said he would recommend opening up the sheetrock ceiling from below, troubleshoot, then have the sheetrock repaired.
Is that the direction I should take? Any diagrams on how to correctly and INcorrectly install a P-trap?

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