Re: dip tube replacement with curved style
Posted by hj on December 04, 19100 at 09:22:10:
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They are good in theory, just like the new self cleaning water heaters. The problem is that they require a high flow of water through the heater to generate the necessary turbulence. And that flow is not possible with water saver faucets and shower heads. And once the debris is agitated, the flow has to be sufficient to carry it up to the top of the heater and into the hot water piping where it will lodge in the faucet aerators and plug them up.
: Several years ago I read about a new dip tube that was curved on the end to force the water to circulate in the bottom of the heater. This was suppose to help with lime build up and such. I'd like hear about anyones experience with these and where they might be bought. Thanks in advance, Elvin.

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