Re: punctured water line - just above slab
Posted by hj on December 04, 19100 at 09:19:00:
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You can solder below the slab if you break out the concrete around the pipe. But first you have to get the water out of the pipe. If there is water in the line, you will never be able to solder the joint. Depending on the space available, you can cut the pipe and slide a copper slip coupling up one pieces and then slide it down into position once the two pieces are lined up again. then solder the coupling in place.
: Stupid me drove a screw through a copper water line about 3/4" above the slab. What are my options?

: I did a temp repair with Plumber's Goop and a hose clamp around a short length of flexible hose.

: How close to the slab can you sweat copper joints?

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