Re: Electric Hot Water Heater Thermostat Replacement
Posted by Charles Goodman on December 03, 19100 at 17:29:05:
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: I am attempting to replace a thermostat on a 240 V electric hot water heater (installing WH-9 model). The original thermostat was disconnected in my absence, and that person has no idea how the wires were connected from the power source to the thermostat. There is a black wire on the left upper screw of the thermostat, and red on the right upper screw. From the power source, I have black and white. Should the power source white (which I am assuming is neutral) be connected to the thermostat red and the two blacks connected, or is this incorrect?

Here's my email address, and if you send yours to me, I'll scan you a copy of the wiring diagram for your new thermostat. The black and white wires (source) are both 110 V. and it makes no difference which one connects to the top two terminals, the ground is probably a bare wire (if you are using Romex wire.
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