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Posted by Charles Goodman on December 02, 19100 at 09:50:28:
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: Yes, rising up off the floor! One has been reseated by plumbers 3 times and this last time it has lasted a month and a half. It has risen over an inch off the floor. We have a home on a slab and the foundation people say it's not the foundation but a leak under the slab. We spent $2000.00 with the plumbers who said that it was very minor (from washing machine and bathtub). They think it's the foundation but the foundation readings (or so they say, are fine). The foundation people say they have never seen such a site. Any hints would be helpful as my husband and I are NOT handy and are at their mercy and they know it! Thank you..

Dear "Perplexed",
Your symptoms are unusual, to say the least! It sounds like you have spent enough (maybe too much) having the commode pulled and re-set. Let's take another approach and see for sure if you have a leak under your slab from either the water lines or the sewer lines. Check your meter (with no water use in house) and see if there is any water going thru the meter. If so, there is your culprit, leaking under the slab. If there is no water leak....the problem may be a sewer leak and a lot harder to check. You must disconnect and/or plug each opening, including the vents on the roof. You should start with the "cleanout" that should be just outside your building wall. They make various inflatable "test plugs" that can be installed in the upstream side of the "cleanout". They even make one that can be inserted thru the "overflow" portion of your tub and extend below the tub "shoe" in order to plug the drain and not have to disconnect it. Once all openings are plugged, you'll need to apply approx. 4 PSI of air. BE SURE YOUR AIR GAUGE IS ONE THAT WILL ONLY READ A MAXIMUM OF 15 PSI OR LESS. Once you have the 4 PSI wait about 20 minutes and see if it is maintaining its pressure. If the pressure drops, there is a leak in your drains or vents. A "qualified" person can inject a "smoke test" to determine if the leak is above the slab. IT WOULD PROBABLY BE TO YOUR ADVANTAGE TO LET A "QUALIFIED" PERSON SUCH AS A LICENSED MASTER PLUMBER OR A UTILITY CONTRACTOR.
I hope this hasn't been too confusing but the point is that you must "methodically" elimimate suspected causes.
Best regards,

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