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Posted by J. Bucolo on December 01, 19100 at 12:11:01:
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Linoleum can indeed go over old linoleum if its in good condition. You'll want to make sure there's no bubbling and that none of it is warping up at the walls. You'll also want to make sure the sub floor is Ok. Check for any soft spots, especially near the toilet and the tub. If you fnd any you'll have to repair them.

If the old linoleum has a pattern you'll want to make sure you fill it in prior to laying the new floor. Armstrong makes a fill-in product that worked quite well the last time I did this. Your local home center should be able to help you find the right stuff for filling in and the proper adhesive for your project. If you don't "fill in" your old pattern will appear in your new floor over time.

As far a making a template... What I've done in the past is taken what's called freezer paper and laid it out on the floor. Any heavy construction, large format paper will do. Use masking tape to connect the pieces. Make sure they're all flat. When you're done you should have a template of your room. Lay the template down on your new floor in a large area like a garage. Use a straight edge to follow the template and cut your new floor. A framing square works well here. Hope this helps.

: Can someone please give me some advice? I want to replace my bathroom linoleum by laying the new linoleum over the old. 1st question, can this be done? And 2nd, I don't have a lot of the new linoleum, so what's the easiest way to cut it down to the right measurements prior to putting it down? Is there a way I can make a pattern of the bathroom floor shape and measurements? Help?!

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