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Posted by Terry Love on December 01, 19100 at 11:55:07:
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: This AM I flushed the master bathroom toilet (on main floor) and the toilet started to overflow -- more rapidly then usual (this seems to happen periodically - the plugged toilet syndrome) so I immediately turned off the valve to the toilet (behind the toilet) I used the plunger and the water drained - so I started to turn the valve back on and the pipes started to make a VERY loud noice. Since I live in a condo - and this was a 5 AM - I just turned off the valve and waited then tried again - same noise - rattling of the pipes??? - so I just shut it off and went to work. I did notice a little water from the valve area (OK I think you can see I don't know the toilet terminology) This noise has never happened before.

: I thought perhaps air in the pipes and perhaps I should just turn it back on and see if it clears -- but don't want a disaster to happen SOOOO If someone could responde this AM(12/1/00) that would be great. Perhaps this is common and there is a quick fix.

I would guess it to be a loose washer either in the shutoff valve (at the wall), or the fill valve in the tank of the toilet (ballcock)
When the valve is fully open, the noise should disappear.
If not, you can check into replacement or repair of either item.

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