fernco coupling
Posted by Rick on December 01, 19100 at 11:43:20:
I'm replacing cast iron pipe with abs pipe in the bathroom.
to join the pipes together I'll be useing fernco couplings.
the main pipe is 3",about 3 feet under tile cement'and dirt.is the p1056-33,3"x3" the wright coupling for this joint.its a thicker rubber with no metal around it like some other ones I've seen.
I have to use 3 other couplings,2 under sink.these 2 will connect the 2" drain pipes leading to the main.I have the same coupling for these 2 joints but only 2"x2".
Can these plus the one I'm useing for the toilet be half covered in cement?
or should I keep them out of the cement?
are these the wright couplings to use for in cement and under ground?

Thank you Rick

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