Pipes in Toilet
Posted by MJ on December 01, 19100 at 10:34:23:
This AM I flushed the master bathroom toilet (on main floor) and the toilet started to overflow -- more rapidly then usual (this seems to happen periodically - the plugged toilet syndrome) so I immediately turned off the valve to the toilet (behind the toilet) I used the plunger and the water drained - so I started to turn the valve back on and the pipes started to make a VERY loud noice. Since I live in a condo - and this was a 5 AM - I just turned off the valve and waited then tried again - same noise - rattling of the pipes??? - so I just shut it off and went to work. I did notice a little water from the valve area (OK I think you can see I don't know the toilet terminology) This noise has never happened before.

I thought perhaps air in the pipes and perhaps I should just turn it back on and see if it clears -- but don't want a disaster to happen SOOOO If someone could responde this AM(12/1/00) that would be great. Perhaps this is common and there is a quick fix.


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