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Posted by hj on December 01, 19100 at 08:04:57:
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There may not be any functional problems since it appears that the vents are doing what they are supposed to, namely, allowing air into the sewer system. An unfortunate by-product is that sewer odors can also come out of the pipes. The old tank was probably not working properly and therefore the odors were trapped inside it. Putting air admittance valves on the top of all but one of the vents would probably help, but can also cause different problems at some time in the future.

: We replaced our septic tank last spring and since then we have been plagued by strong intermittent odors that seem to come from the sewer vents. There is no smell in the house, the leach lines appear to be running fine and there is no smell immediately around the tank. The odors are definitely originating on our property and seem to drift according to the wind (which is always pretty stiff). We have been in this house only a year and have only noticed the odor since the tank was replaced. Was the house vented incorrectly and if so can it be fixed? Or is it possible something went wrong when the new tank went in?

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