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Posted by Mike Untiedt on November 30, 19100 at 22:20:37:
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: Yes, rising up off the floor! One has been reseated by plumbers 3 times and this last time it has lasted a month and a half. It has risen over an inch off the floor. We have a home on a slab and the foundation people say it's not the foundation but a leak under the slab. We spent $2000.00 with the plumbers who said that it was very minor (from washing machine and bathtub). They think it's the foundation but the foundation readings (or so they say, are fine). The foundation people say they have never seen such a site. Any hints would be helpful as my husband and I are NOT handy and are at their mercy and they know it! Thank you.

Do you have access to the soil engineer report for the ground your house was built upon? It is possible that the drains were placed substanially below the bottom pour of your concrete floor. If the ground below the slab has expansive characteristics, such as the presence to bentonite, when the soils under the slab get wet, which it sounds like you had problems with leaks, the soil could expand considerably. It is possible the only room for soil movement is a force directed up against your drain pipes, forcing them to slip up, sliding in your concrete slab.

This will only occur until the horizontal runs of the drain come in contact with the bottom side of the floor slab. The immediate solution if this is the case would be to get the soil under the slab dried out. This means making sure all leaks have been taken care of and a positive grade slope exists outside against the foundation to eliminate outside water penetration. Good luck!.

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