Re: Possessed Toilets rising off the ground
Posted by hj on November 30, 19100 at 08:30:35:
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: How are they resetting them? If the plumbing was installed normally, the pipe to the toilet is only a few inches long and thus cannot flex enough to raise the toilet an inch, unless the pipe was forced down to install the toilet on the floor and it is just returning to normal and raising the toilet. Have the plumber cut the flange off, install a new one at the proper level, and then pot Pour-Rock or some other setting compound around it. That should seal it in place. And if there is a leak under the floor, it causes the earth and fill to settle and would lower the pipe, not raise it.

: : Yes, rising up off the floor! One has been reseated by plumbers 3 times and this last time it has lasted a month and a half. It has risen over an inch off the floor. We have a home on a slab and the foundation people say it's not the foundation but a leak under the slab. We spent $2000.00 with the plumbers who said that it was very minor (from washing machine and bathtub). They think it's the foundation but the foundation readings (or so they say, are fine). The foundation people say they have never seen such a site. Any hints would be helpful as my husband and I are NOT handy and are at their mercy and they know it! Thank you..

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