Air in drain system?
Posted by Scott Somers on November 30, 19100 at 00:36:56:
I have a six year old house with three toilets. We have a well and septic system. The plumbing system has worked well for the past five years, but in the last one year I have noticed a weird thing when I flush the toilets. About a year ago, when I flushed a toilet, some air bubbles came up after it drained. This went on for about two months then stopped. While I was mowing this spring, I noticed that the pvc cleanout cap for the septic system was off. I replaced the cap and now I am having the bubble trouble again. Could the roof air vents be blocked? I do not live within 500 yards of any trees so I never thought to look for a blockage. Could bugs do this? Any other thoughts?

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