Supporting a new bathbut
Posted by Chris River on November 27, 19100 at 11:20:46:
We are trying to install a Briggs 6', center drain, bathtub. It is steel, nothing fancy, has no skirts or anything and obviously is intended to be supported on a deck because it has rolled over rims all the way around. That part is no problem, the rim will be easy to support. The Briggs people have been very nice, but unable to help us since they can't find any literature on the product. Obviously it needs to be at least an inch off the floor since the drain has to come out from the center. My question is, how are you supposed to support the bottom of the tub, if indeed one needs to do that? We considered simply foaming in Great Stuff or Touch 'N Foam after attaching the drain and overflow. Would that provide adequate support? I hate to put all that weight under the tub if we were to bed the whole thing in mortar (since it will be several inches out toward the 'edge' of the bottom), and furthermore, how does one keep it from oozing all over the place if you do? We could build up a ring of mortar around the drain and foam the rest of it, if that would work. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you!

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