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Posted by Steve Kirsch on November 26, 19100 at 15:31:10:
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: I have a toilet that was installed too close to the bathtub in my house. I have hated it for years and now that I am about to remodel I would like to know how difficult it is to move the toilet away from the tub. I think I would like to move it sideways about 6 inches. I have a cement slab and wonder how this is done.

: Thanks

I had the same problem with a toilet too close to the wall - I could only move it 3-4". I had to bust up the concrete to where I wanted the toilet. I used a sawsall to cut the cast iron back to a hub which also connected to the tub drain. Then I put a rubber coupler over the hub on the and used 4" pvc to complete the connection. The tricky part was the level of the existing cast iron. I came out with a straight length of 4" then a 90o elbow shifted 45o in the direction I wanted to move the toilet (in this case to the left). Then I got another length of 4" and a 45o closet flange (designed to fit in between first and second floor spaces which I had to find at the local plumbing supply - don't expect to find one at Lowe's or Home Depot places). The only drawback is that it raised up the toilet about 3/4" from the present floor level. If you've got more 'room' to work you may be able to use 90o angle to keep it level. Just remember that the more the angles the more likely there will be 'hangups'. Hope that helps. The best advice that my brother who used to plumb gave me was to call a plumber that you trust to come in and look at it at least to consult. It was well worth the money to have someone who knew to discuss ideas with.

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