Leaking Toilet & Builder Error
Posted by pbrao on November 26, 19100 at 13:53:29:
Several months ago I moved into a new condo. The toilet (a gravity-assisted American Standard) in the master bathroom has been somewhat problematic. It has clogged up several times and so I've used an auger to unclog it. After the first clog I noticed that blue water (I had put those blue toilet bowl tablets in the tank) was leaking from the base of the toilet. My builder came over and authoritatively told me that the leak was due to the increased pressure that was placed on the seal. He then proceeded to add some more plumber's putty to the base of the toilet. Since then we've had more clogs and more leaks. Can you tell me if my builder's explanation is correct? It seems to me that the wax seal should not be so easily broken if properly installed. After the pain of dealing with these clogs/leaks, I'm probably going to have a professional plumber (not my builder) install the Gerber Flushmate. I would, however, like to speak with my builder and let him know that his explanations/excuses simply do not hold water (sorry, couldn't resist the pun).


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