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Posted by Geoff on November 25, 19100 at 00:31:18:
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: Also depending on where you live and the configuration of your property, the zoning people might have something to say about converting the garage to livable space. "Setbacks" are different for garages and storerooms than they are for living space.

: And yes, built-ins can add a bundle. All trim (finish) work adds a bundle to any project.

: John

If you are doing the labor then you may be able to do it for the $2k. The garage door could be insulated (most door companies have insulation kits or use ridgid insulation)and if it is a rollup then there are rubber seals to go along the edge. Windows are a few hundred drywall is also a few hundred and the flooring well that is your choice and should be neopreme backed padding. You could get premade wall cabinets at most home improvement suppliers. You also have to figure in lighting and if you have plumbing well then forget it. Most garage to room conversions should be raised to the level of the existing structure. In most cases like was said above a parking space is required and code will hinder some of the aspects of this remodel. You can price materials on the Home Depot sight just use a Las Vegas Zip code to get in to their online store. You could always start by talking to your planning department then one step ata time elect plumb drywall then floor.

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