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Posted by Geoff on November 25, 19100 at 00:18:27:
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: I have a 15 year old fiberglass shower stall. After repairing several cracks in the floor, I would like to know if there is a way to replace the floor. I don't believe the original contractor used cement/concrete support for the floor (the house is one story on a slab)-- I beliebe the contractor used a few 2x4's. My thoughts are to cut out the floor, resupport with concrete, cover with water sealant and surface with a new tile floor. Is this feasible? Or can you recommend a better way? Thanks.


The correct way to deal with this would be to either remove and replace the existing stall with a multipiece new unit or remove the existing unit and install a tile pan liner, tile floor and tile walls. This installation is outlined in the taunten press book Setting Tile sold in most home depots, the first option is also in many publications like Better homes and garden step by step plumbing or the Home Depot Home Improvements 1-2-3. Because of the difficulty in getting a 1 piece into your bath you will have to use a multi piece unit. Lasco, American Standard, Florstone are a few manufacturers that make them. If nothing else call a licenced contractor and get some ideas as a mistake here could cause thousand of dollars in water damage. There is one more option most manufacturers have contractors around the country who do shower stall repairs to both the floors and walls and it might be worth calling one of them to give you an estimate on your shower repair. Call a local Plumbing supplier and ask for a referal or company phone number. Floorstone has an installation page for its products.
You will likely have to replace the trap and part of the drain as they rarely line up so expect it.

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