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Posted by hj on November 24, 19100 at 09:14:07:
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Depending on where you live, the weather can be a factor. Garages are not typically insulated, and garage doors seldom seal tightly, so if excessie heat or chill are factors in your area, then $2,000.00 may not be enough.

: My husband and I are considering turning our two-car garage into an extra room. Along one wall we would like to have a totally built in area with space for toy storage on one end and an office area on the other end with some sort of built in desk-work space. Do built-ins add a huge bump up in the cost(we don't want fancy, but functional; since the room will be used only for our 2 & 4 year olds TV-playroom and office for myself.) There are two functional garage doors in the room that we are trying to decide if we should completely take them off and match the exterior of our home, or leave them on as if there was a garage there. We would also like to add some sort of a window since there are none existing. Any suggestions? We have a budget of $2,000 max. I also happen to have a father who will be doing most of the actual labor for us. Any input you have will be appreciated!!!!!

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