Re: gaswaterheater, pilot problems
Posted by Bud..Suncoast Plumbing on November 23, 19100 at 12:11:59:
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jvo: There are many possible answers to the pilot outage problems you are experiencing. If this is an LPG fired water heater, it may be because of low manifold pressure or regulator setting.Check with your gas supplier. Could be a marginal or tired thrmocouple, replace with a new
quality type 300 milivolt type like Honeywell or
Basso. Pilot burner assemblies are serviceable items that do require some attention from time to time. Dust and debris can can accumulate at the air shutter adjustment and cause problems. Gas fired appliances can be best handled by a qualified gas service personell who have the expeience and equipment needed to do the work required.
Happy Thanksgiving to all....Bud

Lately my gaswaterheajvo ter does not work properly.
: When I reignite the pilot light and then turn the temperature dial the burner ignites but then snuffs out the pilot and turns itself off.
: What's wrong?

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