Using 1.5" instead of 2" PVC for shower drain plumbing-is it ok??? Please help...
Posted by tony de crescentis on November 22, 19100 at 12:24:04:
Folks, 22 Nov 00
I am having a lot of trouble plumbing a new 2 piece shower stall with a 2" PVC trap and connecting
it to the existing 2" PVC drain line. (I've removed the old shower pan and am trying to install a 2 piece
fiberglass shower stall in its place. The down-drain pipe needs be relocated to the new fiberglass
shower stall unit drain location. The old shower pan was plumbed with 2" PVC). Since I'm having
trouble with clearance (its an upstairs bathroom, and the floor joists are 2-by-8's, so the clearance
between the floor and ceiling below is only 7"). (I'm trying to preserve and not rip the ceiling below,
since its stippled and I don't want a bigger job than I can handle). My question, is, could I use
1.5" PVC instead of the standard 2"??? It would be much easier for me as I would have much
more room to fit it in. Please please help me. Any advice is gratefully accepted. Thank you
very much.
Tony de Crescentis