Leaky Bathroom Faucet/may not be washer
Posted by Betsy on November 21, 19100 at 08:05:43:
I'm sure you get this question all the time but I couldn't find an answer in your previous files or anywhere else on the Web. My bathroom faucet is leaking in a steady stream (two handled faucet) I can replace the washer but the problem is that when I turn off the valves underneath, there is still leakage. Is this normal or do I have another problem besides the washers? Also, both the hot and cold seem to have problems (if I turn off the hot valve, the leaking water is more cold, if I turn off the cold valve, the water is more hot) I live in an apartment and must do my own repairs so would love not to have to call a plumber (and I can't really afford to). Also, I do not have experience in these things so please answer as simply as possible. ;-) Thanks in advance..

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