Kaisa Internet Bulletin Board
Posted by INMS International Corporation on November 20, 19100 at 11:04:07:

Kaisa Internet Bulletin Board (http://www.kaisa.com.tw/) is a kind of service offered by Taiwan Open Yellow Pages(http://www.toyp.com.tw/). It provides the latest business information of Buys and Sells all over the world. It contains subject , message, company, contact, telephone, fax,home page,email and country etc. Kaisa Internet Bulletin Board aims at "subject" and offers the searching funtion to get the information of Buys and Sells all over the
world in the shortest time.
The other funtion is Inquiry Form. When you get the customer's information, you can reply the message immediately to establish the trading
opportunify in the fastest and most convenient way. The most of all, the service is Free.

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